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Studio Gear

contattaci per sapere se tutto quello che ti serve è presente, la strumentazione si rompe, viene prestata, etc.

Console and Monitoring


RCA/CADAC 1974 custom 24/16 desk (custom made by RCA Italia in 1974 for RAI Studio 1); 24 Full discrete class A transformer based mic/line inputs with inductor EQ and FET compressor and noise gate on every channel; 4 AUX

Tape Machine

Studer A 80 Mki 8 tracks, 1 inch  7,5/15 IPS


1x Pair of Daynaudio Bm15A

1x Pair of B&W 805s amplified by Tsla audio TA - 160 Stduio Power Amplifier

1x Avantone Mix Cube Active

2x KRK Rokit RP5

Bass and amplifier

Gibson eb

Godwin deluxe bass

Fender precision mexico


Testata Ampeg SVT-3PRO 450W + Amp Ampeg SVT-410HE

Fender Bassman 1967 H/C 2 X 12 50W

Outboard Gear


1x Chandler Limited TG2 

1x Chandler Limited TG2  (special Abbey Roads Edition)

1x Neve 1073 dpa

2x MCI 500 (pre + EQ)

2x Calrec PQ1549 (pre +EQ)

API Audio 3124+

24x RCA preamps


1x CBS audimax 1950'S limiter with 6836 TUBE

1x Retro 176 (Vari Mu)

1x Purple audio MC77 limiting amplifier

1x Universal Audio 6176

1x DBX 160 X

1x DBX 160 TX

Reverb and Outboard

1x EMT 140 1950's plate reverb

1x Fostex 1980's stereo spring reverb

1x Semprini Stereofon 6 channel mixer

1x Collins 12Z  1940'S 4/1

1x Maestro Echoplex ep1

Guitars and Amplifier

Electric guitars

Fender Jaguar Classic 60's Iacquer Fiesta red

Fender Telecaster Corona 1998

Fender Jaguar 1964

Epiphone Casino cherry red

D'Angelico Excel DH

Gretsh Electromatic 1953 Hollowbody

Ibanez jp20 1983

Acustic guitars

vintage Aria 12 strings (Gibson Hummingbird copy)

Fender Cd140Sce

Gibson 1930'S Acustic Flat Top


Fender Super AMP 1961

Fender Landau Hot Rod DeVille 212


Dvmark little Jazz

Earthquaker devices Spires and Plumes
Zvex wooly mammoth clone
Ehx oceans
Seymour duncan shape shifter
Boss dd20
Danelectro spring king
Digitech whammy
Dunlop wah

Maestro fuzz tone fz1
Vox tone bender
Mxr carbon copy
Mxr overdrive/boost

Blue Sky Strymon
Visual Sound Jackill and hyde

Boss dd5 
Modtone chorus
Dunlop CryBaby
Trelicopter mooer

Pedals Effect

1x Neumann KM184 mt Stereo Set

1x Sennheiser MD 441

3x Sennheiser MD421 II

1x Microtech Gefell mt71s

2x Sony C38 B

2x Coles 4038

2x AKG 414

1x AKG D12

1x AKG D 19 C

2x Oktava MK II

1x Rode K2

2x Shure Sm7

5x Shure Sm 57

1x Shure Sm 57 beta

2x Shure Sm 58

1x Aston Origin

1x Sennheiser E 906

1x Shure Beta 52A

1x Revox 3500

1x Telefunken M82

1x Flea 47 vintage tube mic

1x Soyuz 013 FET-M

1x Rca 77 D 1940's 

1x Rca 77 DX 1940's 

2x Rca BK5 B 1950's 

1x Rca BK5 A 1950's

1x Rca 74 B 1940's figure 8 

1x Melodium 42 B 1930's figure 8

1x Melodium 75A 1950’s omni
1x Western Electric RA 1142 multi
1x Philips EL 6030 1950’s dynamic
1x Philips LBB 9050 1960’s dual 
1x Beyer Dynamic M 160 1960's 

2 x Bouyer 1960’s dynamic
1x Shure 565 S
1x Shure SM 78 1980's
1x Nady TCM1150 fully modify

Drums and percussions

Slingerland radio king 1956 Drums Kit with snare

Slingerland 1970 Drums Kit

Ludwig mod orange 1969

14" zildjian flange hi hat 1940's

22" zildjian ride with 6 rivets 1950's

Zildjian A-Series Box Set Sweet Ride

Sonor drums kit 1950


varie percussioni

Synth and Keyboard


Moog Mother 32 semi modular synth

vintage Farfisa Matador ar

vintage Elka Panther

Vox Jaguar 1968

Eko Tiger 1960

Hammond S6 1950

Hammond F 100 Extravoice

Philips Philicorda 1960

Wurlitzer 122

Behringer Deepmind 12

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